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kytefightnight asked:

Hello, how are you? A friend and I are planning to go visit Japan next year and visit numerous locations in the country. Brushing up a bit on Japanese. What sort of tips and advice could you offer for two people who will be going up and down for three weeks in Japan? Have a nice day! ^_^

Hey there ^-^
That’s great you’re coming to visit Japan!

First of all, if you’re travelling around Japan, you might want to look into getting a Japanese Rail card. They are only available to people outside of Japan and can make travelling faaaar more cheaper than paying mas you go.

I can’t say I’ve travelled to too many places outside of Tokyo, but this summer I finally got a chance to check out the Kansai area. Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

Nara was my favourite! As it was traditional but not as tourist based as Kyoto and very accessible too.

Kyoto was stunning though for very traditional Japan and definitely worth visiting.

Osaka is very much like Tokyo, but with a slightly different feel and a little less busy-busy. Not as modern as Tokyo, but was still fun. I checked out the Minoh Park which is an amazing mountain based park that is accessible from Osaka city centre. I recommend it for Minoh Falls, it’s a very easy trail to check out and very pretty during the Autumn.

If you want to travel from Tokyo > Osaka, you might want to check out cheap flights on . I managed to grab a return ticket for as little as 10,000yen (A lot cheaper than the bullet train!)

Tokyo,what can I say? It’s where I live, so there’s always so much to see and do! Very easy to navigate via the Yamanote line as it circle around Tokyo and has all the major stops. Don’t be afraid to just wander the streets, you can find some great places in the more off the beaten track areas and Tokyo city is very easy to navigate.

If you want a break from the city, you can check out the mountains or beach very easily by trains. Either Kamakura or Mt.Takao are accessible from Tokyo. Even Aokigahara (The famous suicide forest) is do-able in a day.

I’m not really sure what you’re interested in, but I can guess there will be something for you to explore all over Japan!

A great site to check out is it can give you ideas of where to visit and how to get there.

I’ve been to various places which you can see via my youtube channel here let me know if you need anymore info on the places I’ve been too and I’ll be happy to help!

I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan! ^-^

annalgesia asked:

How is life like in Japan? I want to visit but i don't want to go there because it seems like a very perverted place. Do people treat you okay?

Hey there!
Like any country, life is what you make of it. There are many things to see and do in Tokyo, so I love spending my time here. 

People treat me fine, although, as a foreigner you will get the odd stares of “Wow, there’s a foreigner” from Japanese people, but living here for three years I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not as bad in Tokyo as the rural areas because there are many foreigners here.

As for it being a perverted place, hmmmm, well, Japan does have some odd quirks, but what country doesn’t?  If you dislike anything perverted it’s very easy to stay clear of it anything pornography based you’ll find only if you go looking for it.

It depends really what you’re wanting to visit Japan for, but in my opinion, it’s one of the safest countries I’ve ever visited!

I hope this helps ^-^

parkersmartes asked:

Hi dear! I'm heading to tokyo in October I need to know where is the Barbie store located at? Cos I can't seem to find the address on google I think you could help me! Pls tell me where is it located at! Thanks!! Xoxo

Hey there!

Sorry for my late reply, for some reason I wasn’t notified I had messages XD

You can find the Barbie store in Harajuku ^-^ Here’s the official site for the map:

I hope this helps and enjoy your stay in Tokyo!

lusciousvampire asked:

Hey! I was checking out vids on youtube about Aokigahara and stumbled across your video. I must say, you're super attractive and awesome for one. :) And two, I died laughing at the part when you were in front of the cave and said, "It's a cave, bitches!" I had tears in my eyes because it was so random and great. :D How long have you lived in Tokyo? I'd love to move to South Korea and visit Japan, but I worry my cat wouldn't fare well on the journey to get there. :)

Hahaha! Happy my video can cause you to laugh so hard XD

Thanks for checking out my videos!

I have lived in Tokyo for 3 years now, woo!

That sucks, I don’t know much about South Korea (As I’ve never visited) but I do have friends who work there and love it :) I hope you get to visit in the future!

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