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lusciousvampire asked:

Hey! I was checking out vids on youtube about Aokigahara and stumbled across your video. I must say, you're super attractive and awesome for one. :) And two, I died laughing at the part when you were in front of the cave and said, "It's a cave, bitches!" I had tears in my eyes because it was so random and great. :D How long have you lived in Tokyo? I'd love to move to South Korea and visit Japan, but I worry my cat wouldn't fare well on the journey to get there. :)

Hahaha! Happy my video can cause you to laugh so hard XD

Thanks for checking out my videos!

I have lived in Tokyo for 3 years now, woo!

That sucks, I don’t know much about South Korea (As I’ve never visited) but I do have friends who work there and love it :) I hope you get to visit in the future!

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